Iscriviti 17M
Julio Cortes
Julio Cortes 11 ore fa
Yduugujosh giddy huerafuh99yjhhfdui
Josh Buraczewski
Kawhi said “😐”
Khadiza Sano
Khadiza Sano 11 ore fa
Book needs to play like he did 3 years ago!! He was something else!
utoobizfrlft 11 ore fa
At least they're showing a real hairline 7 years ago
RiduFly 11 ore fa
Lakeshow baby
Gurvansh Singh
Gurvansh Singh 11 ore fa
James is excellent ❤️🤙☺️
Lina Kar
Lina Kar 11 ore fa
Such a powerful Speeches by Sweet Vanessa . God bless ur family 🙏❤️💜
Malik Lopez
Malik Lopez 11 ore fa
8jjeg vun.fyi
DhaNoZ ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔ
Tacko fall : Pay To win xd
Danute Javtusenkaite
Ben Finley
Ben Finley 11 ore fa
Man what an awesome finals and legendary performance from Giannis !! How can you not be happy for this Bucks team !!!
Quint Peschier
Quint Peschier 11 ore fa
Patty Mills is a problem 🔥
fake_Salt 11 ore fa
Can a 5'8 guy get into the NBA?😫
Mr. 182 NBA News Channel
@fake_Salt think about Isaiah Thomas, he’s 5’8 too. He overcame everything that tried to get in his way and worked way more than, for example Tacko Fall. If you have a great passion for the game of basketball, then yes, you sure can make it to the league.
Jordan Bledsoe
Jordan Bledsoe 11 ore fa
Muggsy Bogues got in the NBA at 5’3
fake_Salt 11 ore fa
@Drake From State Farm Thx for the advice drake 😍.
Drake From State Farm
It’s possible but you gotta outwork everyone, not work harder, but outwork other people because you are at a disadvantage.
Existomalus 11 ore fa
Definitely not a travel lmao
Master Gamer Dj
Master Gamer Dj 11 ore fa
Why pick another guard Sacramento I like this kid but y’all wasting his time when he could be playing somewhere else
Steve Osemwenkhae
I wish they listed the music! Spectacular story
QUITNOW 11 ore fa
Haven't seen the nba draft a player since Isaiah Austin
Joel John
Joel John 11 ore fa
Hard work 💪
P.N 11 ore fa
This is GREECE ... player and fans together 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷
Razor 11 ore fa
So both bucs/bucks have won these past champion ships
Exauce Mayunga
Exauce Mayunga 11 ore fa
5 year later and it's still the best dunk in the history of the dunk contest
TheRealCiTy 12 ore fa
Wade owned PG constantly in these classic rivalries
Albert Baysa
Albert Baysa 12 ore fa
Hwo are you guys after 8 years?
Im Weird
Im Weird 12 ore fa
Davion mitchell is great.
manaf.kab 12 ore fa
If shaq could shoot
lauserz 12 ore fa
That scene of Brook Lopez at 37:33 its heartwarming bruh
Max Martin
Max Martin 12 ore fa
I aint be black the process aint gonna do shit for me dog
SEX & SPORTS 12 ore fa
Raw player
쿰보야 이기고 싶으면, 발부터 들이밀어
Fun guy makes basketball funnier.
Younggod 12 ore fa
IBK 12 ore fa
TK from Yourrage been doing good
Goat 69
Goat 69 12 ore fa
From yourrage?
Daniel Melo
Daniel Melo 12 ore fa
Trevor Gabriel
Trevor Gabriel 12 ore fa
bro imagine guarding this. he finna pull up 35 feet in yo face even u locked him up
Eppie916 12 ore fa
Don’t take things for granted people love you everyday drive safe !
LalaizkiYouTube 12 ore fa
Legend Dirk is NBA ICON White GOAT 2nd to the Kareem hook shot
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez 12 ore fa
Que grande USA papa fuera argentina😂😁
JAVON RAE 12 ore fa
8 years ago ?? Sheesh
Am0ykupAl Ka
Am0ykupAl Ka 12 ore fa
Pretty girl
صادق ناجي
لمشكله في الانسان حياتهو كلها علا طلبه
صادق ناجي
حياكم الله ولسلام عليكم ورحمت الله وبركاته
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 12 ore fa
Kuminga is better than Jalen Sucks
TripleDubs_1017 12 ore fa
My Pistons gonna be good again
DOGE Space
DOGE Space 12 ore fa
why there is only black dudes in usa's team
TripleDubs_1017 12 ore fa
3:50 greatest pick of all time
oaxaca911 12 ore fa
Awesome! I’m a big Ray Allen fan also. Lucky I got to meet him and get his autograph during his book tour
Karl Beast
Karl Beast 12 ore fa
Imagine being a Ray Allen fan 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
le thien
le thien 12 ore fa
Đỉnh thật sự
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright 12 ore fa
Cows and chickens are different around the world. Lets wear rose coloured glasses.
Nene Silvestre
Nene Silvestre 12 ore fa
top 5 picks are all blacks. They are the true people of God.
imcookin lmao
imcookin lmao 12 ore fa
The angry parrot geometrically check because deer differently fold failing a quirky weight. nauseating, impartial size
clyde borromeo
clyde borromeo 12 ore fa
Steve nash!
El Jefe
El Jefe 12 ore fa
Look At Surry Man, Co inspiriational