NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | June 7, 2021 

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Check out the top-5 plays of the night from today's action!

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7 giu 2021




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robert storm
robert storm 4 giorni fa
Blake Griffin back 🙂
Kohner Warren
Kohner Warren 5 giorni fa
Blake the flake Griffens dunk was weak sauce.
Deez Peanutz
Deez Peanutz 7 giorni fa
Nba discriminates against short people
Dave Ugpo
Dave Ugpo 8 giorni fa
That white dude can dunk. I think he can win in a slam dunk contest
xXClutchXx 8 giorni fa
Bro this gave me lob city Blake vibes
ItchyKneeSon 8 giorni fa
I thought Blake Griffin would've taken at least 2 spots on the list tonight.
Kirill Kupov
Kirill Kupov 9 giorni fa
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vanessa carlson
vanessa carlson 9 giorni fa
@jeff burns the african american hollywood celebrities do lighten their skin color. Several articles mentioned they use a orange peeling lightening lotion fer.la/72 from japan which easily turns their dark skin light.This is not really surprising these days it seems everybody changes their appearance,they should be honest about it though.
Sebastian Andersson
Blake still got the hops
Shawntae Brown
Shawntae Brown 9 giorni fa
Griffin is 6'8 and can run all day. Social media typing like he's 2 inches on your screen. That's true, the same way he's an athlete. Same way he's 6'8 and a physical beast.
B3astdude - b3ast3fdude
Offensive interference like woah
Boy Reak
Boy Reak 9 giorni fa
This top5 plays show an unfavourable scene for Gianni's.. 2 posterize plays.. I'm not Gianni's fan but it's so shameful moment to be featured that way.
Superficialzozixyz Superficialzozixyz
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TheAsianups 9 giorni fa
Blake griffin nice and all but he really had to pull Giannis arm down to not get rejected 😂
Christoph Kögl
Christoph Kögl 9 giorni fa
Blake Griffin!! W.! T.! F.!!!
Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen
#ışıldayangözlerömeröğretmen muhteşem
Işıldayan gözler Ömer Öğretmen
J Simmons
J Simmons 9 giorni fa
Griffin simply sandbaggin in Detroit. #stayprofessional
RPGod 9 giorni fa
3 was literally no contact. wheres the foul??
wally1979 9 giorni fa
Funny how you can use one hand to stop the block...
Daniel Bohák
Daniel Bohák 9 giorni fa
That feeling when top play of the day is offesive foul...
iwannabetterlife 9 giorni fa
Blake is turning back the years when he’s always in the top 10 throwing down dunks. Don’t like how the Nets are putting this super team together but go Blake!
VADWebDev 9 giorni fa
Blake postered the Greek freek👊😂
Jonah Renfrow
Jonah Renfrow 9 giorni fa
Blake showing he still got it
Mookie Tolliver
Mookie Tolliver 9 giorni fa
Where's J. Green put back dunk ?
Israel Harney
Israel Harney 9 giorni fa
Giannis: tries to block Blake Blake: blocks Giannis' hand
arjcr1 9 giorni fa
That 2 dunks should have been offensive fouls! hahaha!
Dallas Rowe
Dallas Rowe 9 giorni fa
How was Griffins nota foul grabbed and pushed Giannis arm away...
Vladyslav Kurbatskyy
PatRizzle 9 giorni fa
Where ist the Crossover-Reverse-Layup from KD?
Team Dach
Team Dach 9 giorni fa
Blake... 🥵🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥❤🏀💯.
hi 9 giorni fa
Giannis getting stirred and shaken by KD and Griffin. Oh nose
ES sports
ES sports 9 giorni fa
holly shit!!! what the fuck did i just watched?????? kd double cross on giannis then posterized by oldgriffin???? i mean WTF?????????
Nikka Ly
Nikka Ly 9 giorni fa
Nikka Ly
Nikka Ly 9 giorni fa
#theo dehecq
#theo dehecq 9 giorni fa
Blake always grabbing the defender's arm while duking on him
Isn't that illegal when blake stop the hands of Giannis for block attempt
FiDaNZa V 9 giorni fa
Im still looking for a foul in no. 3
Tomas Struk
Tomas Struk 9 giorni fa
Blake is back
Adit Roy-Choudhury
Adit Roy-Choudhury 9 giorni fa
Yo what this should be a top 10, this list is missing the book-jae and-1s and griffins putback slam
akindele akinbayo
akindele akinbayo 9 giorni fa
The NBA allows too much of rules breaking in other to make it a showbiz, i started playing basketball from the age of 12yrs what i see as crossover in the NBA involves a lot of carrying. Its against the basketball rules of ball bouncing
Austin Eunice
Austin Eunice 9 giorni fa
i can tell the NBA top plays assembling crew didn’t stay up to watch the second half of the suns nuggets game. only 1 play from that game in the top 5 and they missed the torrey craig alley oop which should’ve been number 1
Naffy_05 9 giorni fa
When the number one play is an offensive foul 😂
Johnny Shami
Johnny Shami 9 giorni fa
Nets fans 🥰😁🥰😁🥰😁 Pistons fans 🥶😰🥶😰🥶😰
Jeanelyn Pangasian
Jeanelyn Pangasian 9 giorni fa
What a dunk from Marc marquez
Random Cat
Random Cat 9 giorni fa
number 3 is trash. there was no foul and giannis played good D
British skywalker gaming
wheres the dunk ayton did that has to be number one
Austin -_-
Austin -_- 9 giorni fa
I’m surprised that the 3-point lob from Torrey Craig to Deandre Ayton didn’t make it
Amos Teo
Amos Teo 9 giorni fa
We want the GOATMENTATOR not this fool
Truth 9 giorni fa
Bruh, how you meant to block a dunk when the dude grabs pushes down the hand you wanna block with 😂😂😂
Portgas D Arthur
Portgas D Arthur 9 giorni fa
How could you miss the incredible play by KD who magically managed his way through 3 defenders and then shooting on the glass by reverse that was fabulous... but you just like some dunks eh ?
Piotr Gabrielczak
Piotr Gabrielczak 9 giorni fa
I never thought I would ever see the Blake Griffin's signature offensive foul as a top play of the night again. But today I am not hating - just pure nostalgia...
Joshua Tolliver
Joshua Tolliver 9 giorni fa
When you see Blake griffin making highlights with dunking again, it's a great feeling to watch basketball
هتلان الهتلان
Blake with the #1 play is soo 2014
Huswaldlans Allertse
The no.5 play is two best plays, the move by ky and then the block by giannis
Diogo Miguel Miguel
That's actually an offensive foul but the NBA isn't really basketball so who cares.
kumon senz
kumon senz 9 giorni fa
Lol. Blake once again with the hands, shouldn't that be an offensive foul? how do you block that? smh
Relaxing music
Relaxing music 9 giorni fa
wheres the foul on kd
Marcus Mathias Filskov
It was not over Giannis but ok🤷‍♂️
Christian Garcia
Christian Garcia 9 giorni fa
No torrey craig ?!
Aleksandar Ačanski
Blake has perfected dunking over folks. And I mean properly dunking over, chest to chest not that 'defender was in the vicinity, somewhere to the side' rubbish, media always calls "dunking on"
Aeron Gerich Co
Aeron Gerich Co 9 giorni fa
Blake can still fly!
Danijel Hrup
Danijel Hrup 9 giorni fa
Wait that Blake dunk - was offensive foul ... He took Freak`s hand and pull it down When Zubac does that it`s always offense foul ... pathetic
Arne Matschke
Arne Matschke 9 giorni fa
2014 wants their Blake Griffin back
FLEX MICRO TV 9 giorni fa
looks like griffins dunk on pau
Nicolas dinozzo
Nicolas dinozzo 9 giorni fa
Joshua Ariel Fermín Saldaña
Who see the foul of Giannis in KD? 'Cause i don't see it
Tristar1 1
Tristar1 1 9 giorni fa
When blake uses his off hand to move the players hand from blocking his dunk should be a offensive foul on him. He get away with that so much
Tristar1 1
Tristar1 1 9 giorni fa
@Fehem-ul-Haq Siddiqui 😂 just facts
Fehem-ul-Haq Siddiqui
njuey 9 giorni fa
I want Goatmentator on Blake's dunk and the putback one, 😭😭😭. What is this man, cmon NBA.
Thomas Conroy
Thomas Conroy 9 giorni fa
Love it when the top play is an offensive foul 🙄
Kristian Petkov
Kristian Petkov 9 giorni fa
Blake got his minutes managed and now that he's got his BUNNIES back, he's teaching the young bloods... Legend!
Ivan Knows Best DIARY
The best ito
l Lazzandowski l
l Lazzandowski l 9 giorni fa
How the number one is not a offensive foul?😂
Sam Yu
Sam Yu 9 giorni fa
Thay was like Clippers Blake Griffin.. damn.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 9 giorni fa
Where's the Kelly olynyk clutch?
Shaun Chambers
Shaun Chambers 9 giorni fa
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9 9
9 9 9 giorni fa
Blake is back! 🔥💥
Γεώργιος Αράπογλου
Isn't #1 a foul?
Bruno Mota
Bruno Mota 9 giorni fa
Where is the KD reverse layup?
Lyle Human
Lyle Human 9 giorni fa
I honestly thought that Blake Griffin's putback dunk would be here
John Sim
John Sim 9 giorni fa
Where is Blake follow dunk? It could have replaced easily no4
Antonette Quizan
Antonette Quizan 9 giorni fa
Why Giannis bows down his head with that Blake's dunk? Lol
John Paul
John Paul 9 giorni fa
Probably cause he didn't want the ball to come crashing down on his head after the dunk.
Raymond Lee
Raymond Lee 9 giorni fa
Blake Griffin is flying!!!!
Aaron Lawson
Aaron Lawson 9 giorni fa
They could have easily did a top 10
jasper brereton
jasper brereton 9 giorni fa
giannis needs to get some better help, but i aint complaining nets up 2-0 were sittin good here, just hope for the best.
In 2 Minutes Or Less
Marc Franch
Marc Franch 9 giorni fa
Griffin grabs Giannis's arm before dunking on him...
isimsiz arkadaş
isimsiz arkadaş 9 giorni fa
Griffin put back jam ?
Mike Green
Mike Green 9 giorni fa
YOU GUYS......I hate recaps like this cause there never totally accurate! They showed you GIANNIS blocking KYRIE but they didn't show you how KYRIE got back at his ass with the shake and bake move from the three point line did they???? LOL......hence 125-86 blow out of those BUCKS! Better luck at home fellas LOL!!!! Meanwhile, James Harden looked like he was enjoying himself at the beach like they don't even need me hahahaha!!!!
AfricanH3ro 9 giorni fa
Being on winning team did wonders for BG's health lmao.
Predrag Vukovic
Predrag Vukovic 9 giorni fa
No.3 is a great play. Why foul?
You bot
You bot 9 giorni fa
Why has Blake griffin always been allowed to move the defender's arm out of the way?
M C 9 giorni fa
Number 1 is unfair to Giannis, obviously Blake grabbed his arm.
Abhishek Thakur 02
Abhishek Thakur 02 9 giorni fa
bitch plzzz.. no.1 should be the 2ble hand put down dunk by blake...where is it(it isn't even on the list)????
neymar suarez
neymar suarez 9 giorni fa
Nooo, the 1st is the 95th point from KD
tkimdvugs 9 giorni fa
Turn back the clock for Blake 🔥
andrew moonbeam
andrew moonbeam 9 giorni fa
Ayton be hatin!
Eric Ruckenbrod
Eric Ruckenbrod 9 giorni fa
Blake is back!
Step Espinoza
Step Espinoza 9 giorni fa
This should have been a Top 10! Plenty of better plays omitted.
Ángel Tomás Bastidas de las Heras
Vamos griffin
ryan tabi
ryan tabi 9 giorni fa
Grabbing arm!
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