Nikola Jokic's 2020-21  

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Time Flies
Time Flies 7 giorni fa
If only Jamal Murray didn’t get injured, they could have had a legit chance to win the championship. Imagine Jokic winning the MVP and the Finals MVP in one season. Would have cemented his legacy as one of the all time greats. Hopefully they come back stronger next season.
Војислав Ђорђевић
He just the MAN, SERBIAN MAN☦️🇷🇸
Yorick Thiede
Yorick Thiede 8 giorni fa
Yoo this is a billion dollar company and this is the mvp press conference get an HD camera and a decent mic at least
Profesor Zo
Profesor Zo 8 giorni fa
luki whiteboy doncic
blm gave him this awards! lol. ain't he from slovenia or something. so slave descendent? same as blacks in america! lmao.
Vodou Myers
Vodou Myers 8 giorni fa
If only Embiid didn't get injured.... Damn😔💔
Ssio167 8 giorni fa
3. Year in a row a scrub wins MVP😭😭
Well deserved! The lowest NBA draft pick that wins the MVP award!
Orlando 8 giorni fa
My votes were him curry and luka to win it
Goran Maric
Goran Maric 8 giorni fa
Draža Petrovic...hahaha Koji car ovaj Jokic...:) Bravo Srbine!!!
Dragon Bender
Dragon Bender 8 giorni fa
They played a taco bell commercial while he was being darfted, thats some disrespect
King Naptown
King Naptown 8 giorni fa
Who is he? I never heard of him
A RavenPuff
A RavenPuff 7 giorni fa
Well if you never heard of him you are probably not a fan of the NBA, but he plays on the Denver nuggets, he nearly averaged a triple double.
Igor Jovovic
Igor Jovovic 8 giorni fa
Lyndon Wall
Lyndon Wall 8 giorni fa
Bruh honestly Steph should’ve one it. Just my opinion.
24 7 giorni fa
Stop it
Vaune Oso
Vaune Oso 8 giorni fa
What do you guys think is personality type is?
Marko Stevanovic
Marko Stevanovic 8 giorni fa
Well deserved ❤️
Pillow pilots
Pillow pilots 8 giorni fa
My guy you earned and deserved it just hope you only grow as a player and a human being in the years to come . Wish you the best my boy .
Jared Sterling
Jared Sterling 9 giorni fa
If Tim Duncan and Larry Bird had a baby in Serbia, you’d get Nikola Jokic
Regi Treas
Regi Treas 5 giorni fa
Hhahahahahahahahahhahaha holy shit thats the comment of the year and so true
Pavle Markovic
Pavle Markovic 9 giorni fa
Its KamiBruh
Its KamiBruh 9 giorni fa
My boy Harrison Wind
NDL MANAGER 8 giorni fa
i wonder who his on your profile picture
Lee Turner
Lee Turner 9 giorni fa
Well deserved.
Baptiste 9 giorni fa
Give us an all-star game team USA vs rest of the world!
Fusionn 9 giorni fa
Congrats Nikola Jokić on winning the MVP award.
PG 13PACERNATION 9 giorni fa
Well deserved. Best passing Center I've ever seen
EliteDaKinG 9 giorni fa
Is he the first 2nd rounder to win a mvp?
Chicagomade Marke
Chicagomade Marke 9 giorni fa
Nathan Bauco
Nathan Bauco 9 giorni fa
That MVP should be currys
PAOR 9 giorni fa
matheo benjamin lazo
Kitange8721 9 giorni fa
Jadranko Petrovic
Jadranko Petrovic 9 giorni fa
Nikola...is the BEST..NIKOLA VOLI TE SRBIJA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jadranko Petrovic
Jadranko Petrovic 7 giorni fa
Thank you man,one day pleas visit Srbija and you will see more Jokers and more boys like Nikola
Bowno Hiuson
Bowno Hiuson 8 giorni fa
You people there are freaking strong..
Zoz Plays
Zoz Plays 9 giorni fa
Curry played better then Jokic but Jokic had better team
Kitange8721 8 giorni fa
@Ryan envego Keep being dumb cause your grammar trash 😹
Kitange8721 8 giorni fa
@Ryan envego you still have trash grammar
Ching chong Hitler
Ching chong Hitler 8 giorni fa
@Ryan envego your curry cant even get to playoffs without a super team🤣🤣
Ryan envego
Ryan envego 9 giorni fa
@Kitange8721 this is exactly why people fall off y’all overrating him and then y’all be surprised if he fall off like Brandon knight everyone was overrating him look where he is at know
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
@Ryan envego calm down damn
AndyS303 9 giorni fa
Long time coming as a Nuggets fan. Hopefully a ring isn't too far off.
NDL MANAGER 8 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Lewis stop why u hating soo much
Bowno Hiuson
Bowno Hiuson 8 giorni fa
I talked to Dame to go to you guys.. 😀
The Most Questionable Troll
Jeremiah Lewis you said that for bill Walton plus you can't even type a sentence 🤡
ilija 9 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Lewis when steve nash was playing you wasn't even born
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Lewis you said that about bill walton make up your mind son
Billy Butch Andrade
I am Steph Curry fan but Nikola Jokic really deserves it also. From his playoff runs from last year and this year he's really consistent averaging almost triple doubles and finishing second in the West without Murray leading his team in all aspects of the game. 💯🔥
C S 9 giorni fa
Solid post. Jokic is a gem and we'd be a lottery team without him.
Zoz Plays
Zoz Plays 9 giorni fa
Jeffrey Abbey
Jeffrey Abbey 9 giorni fa
Congrats to Nikola Jokic aka Joker
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass 9 giorni fa
I like how Jokic doesn’t even look like he’s happy for winning mvp, he just wants a ring
NDL MANAGER 8 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Lewis lol u built different
Kendrick LaGOAT
Kendrick LaGOAT 8 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Lewis you're the biggest idiot i've seen in my life
Shaveez Ch
Shaveez Ch 8 giorni fa
@Jeremiah Lewis sounds like hatin ass bitch
The Most Questionable Troll
Jeremiah Lewis your dumb
mrmartinez303 martinez
@Jeremiah Lewis are you smoking Crack? Because you sound like a fucking hater right now
griffin skrzypek
griffin skrzypek 9 giorni fa
this is a moment of history. love this man with my whole heart, its been special to be a nuggets fan and watch him play
Tobin Moffatt
Tobin Moffatt 9 giorni fa
Congratulations to Nikola. 🏀🃏🇷🇸 #mvp
lillakersfan 9 giorni fa
If u told me 2 years ago he was mvp I woulda thought u were crazy
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
Akil Jean-Pierre
Akil Jean-Pierre 9 giorni fa
He finished 4th in MVP voting 2 years ago lol but I get your point
David Goldschmidt
David Goldschmidt 9 giorni fa
I kinda wanted Luka Doncic to win but I'm really happy for Nikola
Juan Almeida
Juan Almeida 9 giorni fa
Next year will be Lukas MVP!
Edd Fineza
Edd Fineza 9 giorni fa
Congrats joker... Happy for you...
deyfw daniel
deyfw daniel 9 giorni fa
Kenji Dos
Kenji Dos 9 giorni fa
Steph is the real MVP ,, but joker is the MVP from the judge deserve salute.🔥
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
Ching chong Hitler
Ching chong Hitler 9 giorni fa
Lol curry🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
S T 9 giorni fa
Understanding what kind of chaotic part of the world he comes, respect to this boi.
Flowerrr 8 giorni fa
who told you that? Propaganda? Croats?
ashtrey 8 giorni fa
Huh? Lol
Vukasin Ljustina
Vukasin Ljustina 8 giorni fa
Chaotic part of the world?!?! Nothing chaotic is here, come to Serbia and you'll see great lovely people and nature
Bay Area Jokester
Bay Area Jokester 9 giorni fa
Jokic was the most amazing player, Steph was the most valuable player imo
cj_ era15
cj_ era15 9 giorni fa
Even as a Sixers fan I’m a little sad that Embiid didn’t win MVP but anyways congrats to Jokic
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName 9 giorni fa
Embiid will win one forsure
C S 9 giorni fa
Respect to you Sixers fans. Hopefully you guys get to the finals and beat the bullshit Nets team ✊👊
Akil Jean-Pierre
Akil Jean-Pierre 9 giorni fa
Real MVPs play the same every year. If Embiid is an MVP caliber player he’ll have every opportunity to win it so long as he plays in the league
SalTY 9 giorni fa
Well deserved 🙏🏼🖐🏼🤘🏼👏🏼
D 9 giorni fa
Clint Beastwood
Clint Beastwood 9 giorni fa
Yankees loosing their minds after unathletic chubby white center from serbia won mvp award
Vukasin Banzic
Vukasin Banzic 9 giorni fa
Svaka čast srbine samo tako nastavi. Objasnio si celom svetu da si najbolji centar u istoriji lige a pred tobom je još mnogo. Živ bio i sve najbolje!!!!
Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Phil Coulson 9 giorni fa
Should've been Curry. But congrats to Jokic
Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Phil Coulson 8 giorni fa
@Akil Jean-Pierre Curry wasn't even trying to flop. You can see currys hand getting hit by kemba. Refs saved boston
Akil Jean-Pierre
Akil Jean-Pierre 8 giorni fa
@Agent Phil Coulson here’s Curry flopping this year to try to get FTs, and Boston not only challenging but winning the challenge because it was clear Curry kicked his leg out to draw contact it-plans.info/white/video/mISEjYttmZ1jxY4
Akil Jean-Pierre
Akil Jean-Pierre 8 giorni fa
@Agent Phil Coulson yea Curry doesn’t flop 😂😂 and Draymond can hit logo 3s Leg injures don’t affect your jumpshot Klay wasn’t playing above the rim like Blake Griffin he’s a shooter all he has to do is be like Kelly Oubre and sit in the corner 🤓
Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Phil Coulson 8 giorni fa
@Akil Jean-Pierre And Lavine hasn't had a major injury since his torn acl
Agent Phil Coulson
Agent Phil Coulson 8 giorni fa
@Akil Jean-Pierre Curry doesn't flop but ight. Klay is coming off two major injuries. He'll still be good just not as good as before 🤓
Esther Famurewa
Esther Famurewa 9 giorni fa
Flight not gonna be happy bout this...🤣🤣
Christian Lopez
Christian Lopez 9 giorni fa
Went from unknown to mvp
william jones
william jones 9 giorni fa
He won it
Joker 9 giorni fa
Serbia wins world cup, EuroBasket and Ol in basketball
FABIAN M 9 giorni fa
Bien merecido 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
MinePlay 512
MinePlay 512 9 giorni fa
Congrats to Nikola Jokic on winning the Kia MVP!
Obvious Troll That Baited You Nba Fans
Congratulations to him
NBA highlights
NBA highlights 9 giorni fa
Martín Vargas Vega
fourth =D - Nikola is so cool. I like his chill and nonchalant about winning the award.
John Bogeyman
John Bogeyman 9 giorni fa
Where my fellow Europeans at?
M D 9 giorni fa
Hello from 🇷🇸
Jonathan 9 giorni fa
Well deserve.
Mujee Sulaimalebbe
Mujee Sulaimalebbe 9 giorni fa
he won lets go steph trash
Igor 8 giorni fa
@jus no only the people denying jokic‘s mvp season
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
@jus damn
jus 9 giorni fa
bru curry not winning mvp makes him trash?
MrChaiTeaLatte 9 giorni fa
Bruh. SMDH
Obvious Troll That Baited You
If you think he didn’t deserve MVP you’re a casual
The Most Questionable Troll
Lavar Ball L
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
@Lavar Ball "Ratio"
Lavar Ball
Lavar Ball 9 giorni fa
Drazo 9 giorni fa
Embiid Better
Drazo 8 giorni fa
@jus ok
Kinky Mist
Kinky Mist 9 giorni fa
Embiid got injured while reading this
AndyS303 9 giorni fa
At getting injured
C S 9 giorni fa
They didn't give Embiid the award because the NBA was afraid he'd get injured holding it up.
Yung Martin
Yung Martin 9 giorni fa
so inspirational
David Rivera
David Rivera 9 giorni fa
why no one commenting
the compiton shook
the compiton shook 9 giorni fa
DEMON SLAYER 9 giorni fa
Curry fanboys crying as we speak😂
cj_ era15
cj_ era15 9 giorni fa
@Scottie Pippen L
cj_ era15
cj_ era15 9 giorni fa
@Obvious Troll That Baited You Nba Fans Common L
Obvious Troll That Baited You Nba Fans
@Scottie Pippen W
Ea$y?M●n€¥ 9 giorni fa
just because lebron say curry was the mvp these fools thinks curry is the mvp😂😂😂😂
Scottie Pippen
Scottie Pippen 9 giorni fa
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